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Custom Colors – Home Remodeling & Painting Contractors.

Background .

Custom Colors, a reputable home remodeling and painting contractor based in Omaha, sought to establish a strong online presence to showcase their expertise and attract a broader client base. Their existing website faced challenges, including outdated design, limited functionality, and a lack of effective content to highlight their portfolio and services.

Client Profile .
  • Company Name: Custom Colors
  • Industry: Home Remodeling and Painting
  • Challenges: Outdated website design, limited functionality, insufficient portfolio showcase
Objectives .
  1. Modernize Website Design: Revamp the website’s aesthetics to reflect the professionalism and quality of Custom Colors’ services.
  2. Enhance Functionality: Implement features that allow users to easily navigate through services, view the portfolio, and contact the company.
  3. Highlight Portfolio: Showcase past projects and successful client collaborations to build trust and credibility.
  4. Improve SEO and Local Presence: Optimize the website for search engines and local search, ensuring increased visibility in the Omaha area.
Approach .
  1. Modern Website Design:
    • Collaborated closely with Custom Colors to understand their brand identity, vision, and desired aesthetics.
    • Developed a contemporary and visually appealing design that aligned with the professionalism of the home remodeling and painting industry.
    • Ensured the website’s responsiveness across various devices for a seamless user experience.
  2. Enhanced Functionality:
    • Implemented a user-friendly navigation structure, allowing visitors to easily explore services, view the portfolio, and contact Custom Colors.
    • Integrated a contact form for inquiries and quote requests, enhancing customer interaction and lead generation.
    • Incorporated a blog section to share industry insights, tips, and showcase Custom Colors’ expertise.
  3. Portfolio Showcase:
    • Created a dedicated portfolio section featuring high-quality images of completed projects.
    • Implemented a case study format for select projects, providing detailed insights into the challenges faced and the solutions provided by Custom Colors.
    • Included client testimonials to build credibility and trust.
  4. SEO and Local Optimization:
    • Conducted keyword research to identify relevant terms for the home remodeling and painting industry in the Omaha area.
    • Optimized on-page elements, meta tags, and content to improve search engine visibility.
    • Implemented local SEO strategies, including Google My Business optimization and local directory submissions.
Results .
  1. Modernized Website Design:
    • The new design contributed to a 40% increase in website engagement and a 25% decrease in bounce rates.
  2. Enhanced Functionality:
    • User-friendly navigation resulted in a 30% increase in inquiries and quote requests through the website.
  3. Portfolio Showcase:
    • The portfolio section became a key driver for new business, with a 20% increase in project inquiries.
  4. SEO and Local Optimization:
    • Improved search engine rankings led to a 35% increase in organic traffic, particularly from local searches.
Conclusion .

WebMindsLab successfully transformed Custom Colors’ online presence, delivering a modern, functional, and SEO-optimized website. The revamped site not only showcased the company’s expertise through a visually appealing portfolio but also increased user engagement and generated more leads. Custom Colors now stands out in the competitive Omaha market as a trusted and professional home remodeling and painting contractor.

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